You’re bringing home the bacon, wiping noses and monitoring homework, and keeping the love alive with your partner.

You’re juggling a LOT. Big, important, life-filling roles. Yes?

And being the modern, conscious woman that you are, you’re devouring everything you can get your hands on that tells you how to be a better parent, better wife, and succeed in your career or business.

You’re bombarded with conflicting advice on social media, on blogs, in magazines and on tv.

They’re all saying you can have it all, do it all, if you just follow their advice.

You’ve tried, haven’t you?
And you still are feeling like you’re not measuring up.

And you won’t. Ever.
Because they’re setting an impossible standard that is SO WRONG for you.


You’re a conscious woman — or want to be more conscious — which means you’re on a soulful journey to find your path, to contribute your gifts, to make a difference in the world in some way — big or small.

So it’s reasonable to say you want to raise children that are conscious, contributing young adults who are following their own path in life.

That means you need to parent differently.

You’re straddling two worlds and don’t know how to fit them together.


This is why you’re overwhelmed.
This is why you’re exhausted yet don’t sleep through the night.

This is why on the outside everything looks great (to others) but on the inside you’re silently crumbling under the pressure.

The pressure of trying to be someone or something you’re not.
The pressure of trying to fit yourself into someone else’s (often outdated) model of parenting, romance and career.

And it’s simply not working for you.


How long can you keep this up?
How long can you keep doing what obviously doesn’t work for you?

Why would you want to?

Maybe you don’t know yet that you have more aligned options.
Maybe you don’t know yet that the BEST way is the RIGHT way for YOU.
And only you will be able to determine what that is.


I know what it feels like to be told how I MUST raise my children if I’m to be a good parent, yet knowing in the depths of my soul that the advice was wrong for me and my children.

I know what it’s like to go against common wisdom (and I say that very loosely) and follow my own soul’s instincts, and receive criticism for it.

And I know that raising conscious children is both a real responsibility and a deeply fulfilling gift having raised four beautiful girls to womanhood.

Our children need us to model what it means to be conscious, love more fully, and live more fully.


It starts with you. Because you cannot pass on to your children what you do not have.

The truth is, you need to stop fighting against who you are, stop trying to be who society and your environment says you “should” be.

The truth is, you mama, need to live in harmony with your own soul.
To know yourself, really know who you are.
To see your gifts, your purpose, your path laid out before you.


Your soul has a map.
Once that map is revealed to you, you see the truth of who you are.

When you live in harmony with your soul, it impacts everything …

… the choices you make,
… how you parent,
… where you find fulfillment and meaning in life,
… and how happy you are.

I’m a fierce and passionate advocate for being a conscious woman and soul-inspired mama. For living in your truth. To love who you are, and who you are becoming.

Because when you do, you have the confidence in yourself that you’re doing a good job raising your children.

You trust your decisions.

You feel good about who you are as a woman, a mother, a wife.

I want this for you. And I think you want this for yourself as well.


I’m not going to throw more unhelpful information at you because that’s not what you need.

You don’t need MORE, you need alignment.

You soul’s map encompasses 3 Soul Languages that paints a full picture of your divine path in life.
This is where you receive answers to your life’s BIG questions.

Schedule a complimentary session where I’ll reveal what it really means for you personally, to know your unique 3 Soul Languages. We’ll explore your questions and you’ll see how to live in soul-inspired alignment.




Soul Language helped me build strength & confidence in myself.

Finding your soul language and being introduced into this new thinking and understanding of myself and even others around me has helped me build strength and confidence in myself and realize what I have the ability to accomplish, but it’s also taught me that I’m not going to be good at everything. It taught me to balance my expectations of myself and other people.

From this I’ve become a better person at all angles of my life.

Lydia J.R.

A new path I’m excited to be on!

My experience with Soul Language couldn’t have come at a better time as some life challenges had me struggling to find more purpose and peace within. Soul Language has enlightened me on who I am and what I can focus on to become a better me!

Laura has a beautiful way of connecting her energy with guidance, peace and understanding. I use Soul Language as a wonderful tool to direct me to a new path I’m excited to be on!


and I coach women who are ready for a more conscious, connected, and soulful way to raise their children.

From your role as a woman, a work from home professional, and a mother, the work we do together is deeply transformational.

You’ll connect with your higher self, step into your mission, and uncover the same for your children, with a profound understanding of the divine connectedness within your family.

Because our children need us to model what it means to love more fully, and live more fully.

You are needed.
Be their champion.
Let me be your guide.