Meet Laura Greco

Founder of Art of Soulful Parenting

Hi, I’m Laura Greco …


Like most women, my story has unfolded in steps, one thing leading to another. It’s like a thread can be run through every event in my life. There’s not been one life-changing monumental event that catapulted my life into Soulful Parenting.

But there were 3 key decisions I made that changed the course of my life …

1. At 18 years old I braved leaving my abusive childhood home —and everyone I knew behind— to escape the grip of my father and start a new life.

2. With four young children at home I started my first business so I could still be home and available to my beautiful girls.

3. When my daughter became anorexic, I stopped listening to the nay-sayers that said only traditional methods would work (they didn’t) and chose to find alternative solutions that would offer lasting results (which they did).

This has shaped what I believe about myself, about life, about Divine Source, and parenting.

I believe …

we are all connected and that love is the highest vibration and what our soul is striving for,

we’ve been entrusted from Divine Source to raise, nurture and guide our children in their soul’s calling,

we must parent ourselves in connection to the Divine as a living example to our children,

it begins with Mom —the foundation of family.

Because a connected and spiritually aware woman lives her mission and becomes a champion for her children to live theirs.

The work I’m most passionate about is helping women become connected to her soul and understanding her innate value in all the roles in her life, then creating that same understanding with her children, and ultimately her family unit.

SOUL LANGUAGE is the tool that creates awareness, purpose and intentional connection within families.

ART of SOULFUL PARENTING is the method I created for a more conscious, soulful way to raise children.

My style is …

Soulful Mentor
My life experience as an independent woman, mother and business owner means I have some bumps and bruises that have taught me more than a few lessons. I wholeheartedly bring my insights, intuition and experience to my work so that clients find the ‘right’ way for themselves.

Supportive Caregiver
This is a safe, non-judgmental space to navigate your challenges and discover yourself and place in the world on your own terms. My clients feel supported and well taken care of, because even strong women need support and a place to recharge when depleted.

Fierce Champion
The women I work with are resourceful, tenacious, caring, loving and hungry for understanding. The conscious path takes courage so I walk with them as they shift how they perceive themselves and show them how to be the champion in their own lives and that of their children.

So dear one …

When action is your next desired step, you can either …

Some random facts …

I love, love, love chocolate. It must be dark and of a certain quality.
I am known for my brownies which took me years to get the way I love them. YUM! (more chocolate.)
I’m a hobby photographer of flowers, butterflies and nature in general.
I’m that person who will look for eye contact when walking up the street, saying hello with a smile.
I love beautiful textiles and colors. Likely why I was drawn to sewing as my first business.
You’ll find me singing in my car and dancing to music (even in grocery stores, much to my daughter’s chagrin).
I read or listen to audio books constantly because I love learning new things that help us shift towards what we want in life.